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Guitar | Harmonica | Vocals

"Alfred Goldsmith has held his creativity in a lock box for 30 years, with music spilling out from time to time with songs written and played for his children and close friends. Striving to be original he resisted all musical structure and knowledge. A melodic lyricist, these soulful tunes have been trapped in his mind since a child, and they are seeping out into the soft hypnotic grains that flow from his soul."



Keyboard | Accordion | Vocals

"Grace is a piano, guitar, ukulele, and vocal instructor with Gwinnett School of Music is Grayson, Ga. She has 3 albums currently available for purchase or streaming under her former name of Grace Buford. Sneakin' Creek Band has given her the opportunity to really explore another style of playing and add a spooky layer to the music. She is a multi-instrumentalist and power-house singer full of angst mixed with southern charm."



Slide Guitar

"Tennessee John McCleskey, born in Memphis, raised all over the south, the blues was always a part of my life. I came to know it again through rock and roll and the British Invasion. Gospel, Ragtime, Jazz, Funk, Zydeco, Race Music, R&B, Soul, Country, Folk, Rock n Roll, whatever you call it, Music is magic and I have been blessed to be able to experience some really great music and musicians from both sides of the stage. Now I realize that it’s as a gift that I’ve been given and it’s an honor to try and pass it along."



Guitar | Mandolin

"From the bowels of Chattanooga, TN a guitar picker was created to rock the swamps of Sneakin' Creek. Guitar picker by night, lover of dusk."



Bass | Vocals

"Aaron is a Gwinnett native that has played acoustic, classical and electric guitar for 15 years. He has many years playing professionally in the live music scene with groups ranging from intimate acoustic solo shows to full band orchestration with a horn section, in venues from local resturants to the likes of the Masquerade and Center Stage in Atlanta. Aaron also stays active in the music community by hosting open mic nights around the Atlanta area providing musicians of all ages and skill level a chance to perform in public."



Drum Set | Percussion

"Spawned in an elevator shaft in South Florida, Dan Carey battled life's 'ups and downs' with a drum stick in his hand. Always 'pushing buttons', Dan passes our 'inspection'."

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