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Guitar | Flute | Vocals

"Dwight Leon is a multi-instrumentalist that has played acoustic/classical and electric guitar for over 15 years, as well as brasswind and woodwind instruments. He has many years playing professionally in the live music scene ranging from performing solo in intimate atmospheres at local restaurants to playing at sold out shows for 35,000 attendees, performing on the same bill as artists like Keith Urban and The Marshall Tucker Band. Dwight Leon stays active in the local music community by hosting Open Mic Nights, providing musicians of all ages and skill level a chance to perform in public and has taught private music lessons for over 7 years. He also has experience in running "live sound" for events and music production taking on recording projects of many styles."



Keyboard | Trumpet | Vocals

"Nicholas has been playing music for most of his life, as he comes from a family of musicians and has always been around instruments. Years of trumpet and French horn in band, marching band, church, and various other ensembles instilled a love for wind instruments that has stayed with him ever since. His favorite genres of music are comedy, Irish folk, folk rock, and progressive rock. He also particularly enjoys learning about unique and odd instruments, both their origins and how they're played.

Nicholas believes the biggest benefit to performing in an active ensemble is the amazing variety of people you meet, and how much fun it is sharing his musical journey with others. Nearly every one of his greatest friendships are products of musical endeavors, and there's no telling where he would be without the opportunities and blessings that have come from music and those resulting friendships. He looks forward to all his future musical adventures, sharing those opportunities with his friends, and making more friends along the way!"

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"Alec grew up listening to his dad play guitar and sing country songs. The earliest artists he remembers hearing were the Grateful Dead and John Prine, both of whom he still loves today. He wanted to play drums when he was younger but his parents were worried that would be too loud! 


When Alec was 13, a few of his friends that played guitar recommended he start playing bass so for his 14th birthday he got a bass guitar and started taking lessons shorty after. At the time, he was really into punk rock, listening to bands like Green Day, NOFX, and Rancid but his bass instructor expanded his taste, getting him into bands like the Meters and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.


 A few years later, Alec started picking up some guitar through his high school's guitar program. During high school he spent alot of time going to concerts and music festivals were he fell in love with live music and started playing live himself. After high school he chose to continue studying music at the University of South Alabama where he studied music business and classical guitar. Since graduating he has been playing with various artists and teaching. His favorite genres to play are funk, rock, and folk but really he's just thrilled whenever anyone wants to include him in their project!"



Drum Set | Percussion

"Dan first started playing drums when he received his first Ludwig drum set in 1964. Dan's drumming style was first influenced after watching Buddy Rich performing with his big band playing swing music.  In the late 1960s' Dan was then influenced by the English rock bands. In 1980 After a 10 year hiatus Dan joined a local cover band in Atlanta playing with that group for 3 years. Then, after a 35 year hiatus, by chance, Dan meet Dwight Leon at an open mic when playing drums and Dwight Leon playing guitar. Dwight Leon and Dan developed a relationship and established the band "Nothing I Guess" which evolved into the band now known as "Dwight Leon and the Georgia Groove"



Trumpet | Vocals

"Mitch has been teaching trumpet for over 10 years at music stores and schools across the country. He recieved his degree in trumpet performance at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford Connecticuit. There he studied under Jay Lichtmann and performed with the Hartt School's many theatre productions. He has been teaching as a clinician in Gwinnett County for the past three years. He specializes in classical trumpet technique and performance."

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"Ebony is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of passion for music. She has two degrees in music and music education. You can catch her playing classical music with the Athens Symphony on double bass, helping her community in Clarke County School districts, or playing saxophone with the guys."




"Alec Brindell began his musical career in high school where he played the trumpet and trombone. He also played in the high school and college jazz bands. Since then he has played bass and drums in local bands and including styles such as Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Chicago Blues, Country, Bossa Nova and Jazz.  He is currently the bass player for Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers. Because of his experience playing various styles, Alec is known for his unique, articulate style of playing. Alec also steps up to the microphone to sing on occasion."

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