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"Aaron is a Gwinnett native that has played acoustic, classical and electric guitar for 13 years. He has many years playing professionally in the live music scene with groups ranging from small acoustic solo shows to full band orchestration with a horn section, in venues from local resturants to the likes of the Masquerade and Center Stage in Atlanta. Aaron also stays active in the music community by hosting open mic nights around the Atlanta area providing musicians of all ages and skill level a chance to perform in public."

Drum Set/ Aux Percussion

"Antwan is a founding member of Moirai and avid metal fan. He is a driving force in helping to create the original works of Moirai. 'We are who we are, we do what we love, and we respect others who respect us. We are just a group of musicians trying to make our dreams come true by writing what we've been through, or seen.'"

Bass/ Vocals

"Alec Brindell began his musical career in high school where he played the trumpet and trombone. He also played in the high school and college jazz bands. Since then he has played bass and drums in local bands and including styles such as Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Chicago Blues, Country, Bossa Nova and Jazz.  He is currently the bass player for Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers. Because of his experience playing various styles, Alec is known for his unique, articulate style of playing. Alec also steps up to the microphone to sing on occasion."

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